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About Me

I was raised in a military household. Although it was a loving home, I was taught, like many boys at that time, to suppress any emotion other than anger. As time went on and I lost my mother in my 20s, I still carried the teachings from my youth. Depression and unhappiness plagued early adulthood and I realised that there must be another way. I accessed counselling which put me in touch with my full range of emotions and I found out who I truly was. In time, this gave me the desire to help others and I qualified as a counsellor in 2019 after two years in placement This included a placement with an organisation I am still linked to.

I have worked with clients from  the ages of 16 to 80 covering all manner of feelings and mental health such as: depression, anxiety, low self esteem, feeling of guilt or shame and helping clients manage their anger, turning it into an appropriate and productive emotion.

I predominantly  work using a person centred approach; which means I work wherever my clients are emotionally. I strongly feel that it is your space and your time to talk about the things that matter to you on that day.

 If you have any questions  or would like to schedule a consultation, please get in touch today.

About Me: About Me
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